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Mary (May 2023)

Overall I am pleased with the regimen I am presently on.  As far as the goals being met, sleep is wonderful.  I sleep an average of 8 hours per night.  I have also been able to establish a routine now of getting up around 6 - 7am, do not feel drowsy, somewhat stiff and slow moving but subsides quickly.  


The overall improvement I have noticed is the clarity my mind has.  I still become concerned and worry at times, but feel I can stay focused and not feel "defeated" with the myositis.  I continue to tire easily but have established a routine with rest periods.  Definitely less anxious. 


To say Thank You does not seem enough.  I am grateful for your knowledge and expertise in guiding me on this pathway.  I attempted to do the research on my own but quickly became overwhelmed.  You have been a God sent to me.  I feel I have better control of my symptoms, and a better advocate for my health care.  I will not hesitate to recommend and refer you and your company.  I also will consult you in the future for any concerns or guidance I may need.  


May you have peace, comfort and strength with getting relief of your symptoms as well


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